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Australian Stock Horses

Stockcare Stock Horses commenced breeding in 2005 as a boutique stud to service our own needs for high calibre Polocrosse, Camp Draft and Working horses. We established on 3 foundation mares who are all multiple national prize winners. These horses are usually retained for internal use however at times we do have Stock Horses for sale.
Ash Registration Number: ASHB2185419

Sea Clipper

Sea Clipper, our first breeding mare has high sentimental value to our family as she was a gift from Dean’s belated father, Patrick Ryan. Sea Clipper was a fast and exceptional playing Polocrosse horse, not only did she excel at polocrosse, but was a multiple place getter in many camp drafts. Although she has now passed, Dean still believes that she is the best mare he has ever ridden. The wonderful qualities Sea Clipper displayed have been inherited by our well-known mare, Stockcare Clipette.
• 2006: W.A. State Championships, Open A Grade – Best Number 3
Ash Registration Number: ASH121757


Keeba was purchased after the 2008 Perth Polocrosse Nationals from Kylie Dowling. Keeba and Kylies unformidable combination is well known across the nation. Below are just some of the many awards they received.

The awards made Keeba the perfect pick when acquiring breeding mares to mount our children in the future. Keeba has proven to be a fantastic breeding mare for Central Stockcare producing 6 offspring all showing various aspects of their mother’s abilities.
• 2000: Champion Ladies ASH.
• 2000: W.A. State Championships, Champion Ladies Horse and Overall ASH.
• 2000: Southern Zone Championships, State and National ASH Rookie of the Year.
• 2003: Overall Champion ASH.
• 2003: W.A. State Championships, overall Champion Pony.
• 2003: W.A. State Championships, Women’s Champion Pony.
• 2003: Southern Zone Championships, Women’s Champion Pony.
• 2004: Albury Nationals – Best Ladies Number 1, Champion Ladies ASH, Supreme Champion horse and Rider Combination.
• 2005: Southern Zone Championships, Champion Ladies ASH.
• 2006: Sydney Nationals – Best Number 1 in Open Mixed.
• 2008: Perth Nationals – Best Number 1, Best Lady Player, Overall Best Ladies Horse and Champion Ladies ASH.
Ash Registration Number: C1-148771


Guess needs no introduction. Her dynamic combination with the young Jack Cooper turned heads at a State and National Level. Her speed, agility and love of the game meant we couldn’t forsake the opportunity to purchase her when it arose. All her progeny are young at this stage and we are beyond excited at the ability they are showing resembling their mother.
• 2010: W.A. State Championships Open A Grade Champion Pony
• 2010: W.A. State Championships Overall Champion Pony
• 2011: Northern Zone Championships Intermediate Champion Pony
• 2011: W.A. State Championships Overall Champion Pony and Open A Grade Champion Pony
15-year-old Jack Cooper won every award at the 2010 W.A. State Championships.
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